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Almut Heider

Coaching & Consulting

online or in Kreuzberg 36

"But knowing that change is possible, and wanting to do it,
are two first big steps."

Virginia Satir


There are many situations in life in which coaching can be a decisive help. Be it in phases with a lot of change - professionally or privately -, in difficult relationship constellations or in the case of constant overload and the vague feeling of "having to change something" without knowing exactly how to do it. In individual coaching, I support you in reflecting on yourself and your situation, (re)discovering your strengths and finding solutions for yourself.


For many years I have been advising managers on how to organise their work and communication with teams in such a way that goals can be worked out and achieved. This often involves questions such as: What kind of leader do I want to be and does that fit with my team? How much responsibility do I bear as a leader and how much can I give to the team? I support you in finding and implementing your leadership style.

Working with teams

Teams go through various phases during their existence, which bring with them different challenges. In my kick-off workshops, the participants get to know their colleagues and their skills better, in role workshops tasks and responsibilities are defined and in retrospectives the joint cooperation is reflected. The focus is not primarily on the results of the work, but on how people interact with each other while working.

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For on-site coaching I use the rooms of:

Cuvrystraße 19
10997 Berlin