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My way of working

My way of working

When you come to me for individual coaching, you are probably in a stressful phase of your life. Maybe you are facing a big change, have to make a difficult decision, have the feeling that something has to change - but you don't know how and what, or you are confronted with another challenge.

I can stand by you in such a situation and support you in working out solutions for yourself.
Eine meiner größten Kompetenzen ist dabei, dass ich Dir eine wohlwollende, neutrale und wertschätzende Außenperspektive bieten kann, die Du naturgegebenermaßen nicht selber herstellen kannst.

Once the problem is understood, we will consistently focus our sessions on developing goals and solutions rather than on the origins of the problem, because:

"Talking about problems makes problems grow.
Talking about solutions makes the solutions grow." Steve de Shazer.

Then my main task is to ask you questions that will help you to change your perspective in order to make new ways of thinking and solutions possible. In supposedly deadlocked situations, you can use your skills and strengths again to formulate and achieve goals and solutions. Because you are the person who knows your problem best, you are also the person who has all the knowledge and skills it takes to solve your problem.